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Build conversational interfaces for cloud and on-premises applications that can be deployed to multiple channels including web, mobile, smart speakers, and popular messaging platforms. Develop faster with visual development tools, supervised self-learning and built in bot analytics. Start with prebuilt enterprise skills or create new chatbot skills to satisfy unique requirements.

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Oracle Digital Assistant 

Product features 

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  • Availing multi languages capabilities by implanting Arabic and English as first phase with readiness to add any other languages 

  • Availing the digital assistant in Facebook messenger and bank’s website with same experience and full features with building adapters to be ready to provide the same experience over Twitter, WhatsApp...etc.

  • Availing menu based and free text flows 

  • Implementing unified middle layer between all ODA channels and the engine to provide unlimited fixability in managing the communication, such as prevent the customer of sending confidential data (mobile, email, account number, credit details…etc.), collect customers interactions and identify it as generated lead, ability to block/unblock users from chat based on business rule engine

  • Business classification based on customer needs; so, the ODA will present

    • The generic operations such as offers, campaigns, and ATM/Branches locators (including its operations and facilities) as first choice

    • Then, automatically will show the financial services such as accounts, cards, loans, and digital services; these services’ flows avail two ways for getting required info, first one by showing bank’s products related to customer choice or the second option that provide guidance through asking the customer 3 questions to present the suitable bank’s product

    • After financial services the digital assistant will ask user to type his/her inquiry to reply with the most relevant answer even it is related to one of the above services or to get answer from FAQs knowledge based that contains more than 1000 FAQs

  • Availing wide range of small talks that reply as per customer input with identification of positive and negative vibes 

  • Availing survey and feedback after each flow 

  • Availing strong administration and operation module that facilitate:

    • Management for all system lookups including cities, areas, seasons, ATM types, weekdays, and lead generation types

    • Pushing notification and ads module that facilitate sending text or carousel cards/ menus to the customers in addition of logs to pushed messages, this 

    • module provides sending ads and notification to all digital assistant users or to specific users based on generated leads

    • Digital Lead module that present generated leads based on customers messages and usage of the digital assistant (ex. Customer ask about auto loan, platinum credit card, or any other bank’s product; so, the marketing team can use pushing ads module to send new promotion to the customers based on previous customer’s inquiries)

    • ATMs and Branches management with it’s location, services, working hours…etc. 

    • Confidential data management through set of templates to be added then digital assistant will prevent customers of sending this type of info, even if the customer send this data, the digital assistant will not accept it or even store it in any place (this one of the most important regulation in central bank)

    • Conversation logs, analytics, and reports from business point of view 

    • Survey results viewer and report

    • Block/unblock module to prevent misuse of digital assistant 

    • Security and audit trail module 

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