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Nahdi Medical Company VBCS & PCS Success Story

Updated: May 29, 2021

Al-Nahdi Medical Company started in 1986 with two pharmacy outlets in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. By adopting its clear set vision and strategic approach, the company has become the largest pharmaceutical chain in the Middle East and North Africa. The company currently operates under a massive network of over 1200 pharmacies in the Kingdom, becoming a national and regional leader in the sales and distribution of medicines, children accessories and medical equipment. Through Nandi’s outlets, collaborations, and on ground activities, they seek to add beats to the lives of their community and they aspire to work with partners who share the same vision and passion as they do and then make sure to invest in their employees in addition to empowering them with all the needed tools so they can become part of the change and witness the impact they make on the daily lives of their guests. Al Nahdi Medical Company has huge IT infrastructure that operate many implemented systems, that provide amazing service to their customers, employees, suppliers, and distributors to serve empire with more than 30 years of experience, in more than 145 cities, with more than 1200 pharmacies. Al Nahdi has its own legacy implementation for business process management for HR services that was hosted in Al Nahdi datacenter. Recently they decided to start a new initiative to implement new innovative business process management (BPM) on the cloud for their business departments with 44 business processes to manage. Wind Information System started with Al Nahdi respectful teams including business and IT teams in studying business requirements and identify the challenges. The solution Wind provided included a powerful workspace that will be used by all solution users starting from initiation users till top management using Oracle Visual Builder Cloud Service and Process Cloud Service (PCS). This workspace contains all the initiation and follow-up activities, administration activities, delegation/reassign actions, search/history management, in addition of dashboards and KPI management for all implemented services. it is mobile friendly workspace. Then we implemented notifications and action management facilities, fully integrated with Al-Nahdi’s email server and identity management. We followed this with core workflows implementation and integration using Oracle Integration Cloud and Oracle Process Cloud Service. After delivering the first phase of this project and going live, Al-Nahdi recognized that the new platform can be used to be the main platform for all required automation and BPM , so they decided to migrate the HR services (13 business process) from on-premise implementation to be part of the Cloud. Al-Nahdi has been a leader in health care services it is also a leader in digital transformation and business process automation with more than 57 services so far. Now Al-Nahdi has a unified platform that support all their business processes efficiently using latest Oracle technology. The BPM implementation brought the following benefits:

  • Reduced the paper activities significantly.

  • Eliminated the human errors by avoiding manual calculations

  • Simplified the infrastructure by adopting the cloud platform.

  • A Mobile friendly solution.

  • Actionable emails.

  • KPI and SLA management.

  • Administration management

  • Extendable business process management solution

We built harmony between different systems . Wind-IS is proud to complete this implementation with very respectful client like Al-Nahdi. Wind-IS awarded as:

  • Cloud Transformation Partner of the year 2017| Levant, Egypt and North Africa in additional to be the first PaaS Specialized Oracle Partner in LEENA.

  • Oracle Innovation Excellence 2018|Middle East and North Africa

  • Innovation partner of the year 2019|Middle East and North Africa

  • Innovation partner of the year 2020|Middle East and North Africa.

  • Now we consider our achievement with Al-Nahdi is a new prestigious award that makes working life of different departments easier

We don’t deliver products or service, we deliver experience Wind Information System. Power of Speed, Power of Experts

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