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Delivering solutions and services that drive sustainability while solving our customers’ needs.

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Business digitalization and automation

Wind-IS digitalization goal is to create and deliver the value to clients, not just to improve what they already have. We have the ability to use technology and machines to support people realize their full potential, instead of being involved in paperwork and systems data entry. One of the key elements of WIND-IS’ value-driven approach is automation, which enables organizations to automate its business processes and set the foundation for a new and powerful approach to application development. Wind-IS way of automation, drives organizations to more robust applications, improved operational efficiency and increased organization’s speed and agility.


Solutions development 

Wind-IS helps clients solve intricate challenges in implementing large scale, complex, and business critical IT development and integration programs. Wind-IS provides cost effective high-quality enterprise-level solutions for clients’ most complex IT challenges. We provide solutions to challenge IT problems by combining its deep technology expertise, architecture solutions capability, and extensive program management skills. Our team has significant experience in delivering large scale and complex solution using delivery processes that drive efficiencies in Solution Development, Legacy Modernization, Business IT Planning.


System integration

Wind-IS provides cross-technology and cross-system connectivity and application integration to help customers create agile organizations that provide superb e-services to stakeholders. We deliver specialized end to-end solutions that help integrate government and enterprise systems through enterprise service buses, gateways, and third party applications and systems. Wind-IS developed a pluggable enterprise service bus which is considered as “a set of stable components that supports variety and evolvability of a system by constraining the linkages among the other components”. We take only 3 working days to install its pluggable ESB and make different systems integrated and controlled.



Wind-IS consultancy represent a logical and complementary grouping of activities to address the full life cycle of technology planning, design, and implementation within government and private institutions. Implementation of information technologies often represents a significant undertaking which requires careful analysis and planning.



With Wind-IS Software Support services, you get a world class partner who understands your business and will help you increase uptime, reduce Total Cost of Ownership, and drive business outcomes. The right level of  Value-Added Services is the key success factor in achieving maximum value in the shortest time. You can proactively manage the adoption lifecycle value gap risk and meet the demands of today’s new style of IT by using the right level of services.


Oracle Cloud

Keep your resources, money, time and attention in your business, while outsourcing your IT headache on Wind-IS.

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