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Wind Integrated Solutions developed high quality solution for e-Invoicing solution mandated by Egyptian Ministry of Finance and Tax Authority

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Egypt Ministry of Finance and Egyptian Tax Authority is in the process of modernizing the solutions used for tax information management and processing. One of the important elements of this overall modernization is implementation of digital processing of the invoices. It is an activity that is part of Egypt’s vision 2030 for Digital Transformation, and improving governmental services, and within the framework of ETA Reform Programme, where eInvoice is one of the main projects, which is about creating a central solution that enables ETA to follow all trading transactions between companies (B2B), through the instant exchange of invoice data in digital format.

E-invoicing platform is going to enable digital capturing of invoices circulating in the country starting with the business to business (B2B) invoices and later business to consumer (B2C). Ministerial Decision No.(188) for 2020 was issued to bind the tax society to the eInvoice system.

Efficient: repeated tasks and duplication are avoided

Accurate: this solution granted the highest accuracy for the business model

Accessible: with the same safety and security level your digital documents can be accessed from anywhere and in a easy way​​

Immediate: E-invoice submission is almost immediate and can be tracked and monitored, payments are speeded up and collection times are reduced

Economic saver: reduces business expenses related to materials and handling costs

Guard against fraud: we developed a highly secure system, reducing chances for fraud or document forgery

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  • Web Based solution

  • privileges and roles

  • Include manual entry

  • Customized solution

  • work as standalone solution or with its ERP Integration

  • Full digital invoice processing​

  • Simplification of declaration submission​

  • Reports and additional insights, both on the level of all companies and economic activity of Egypt.​

  • Improved digital taxpayer experience​

  • Encourage informal economy into compliance with formal

  • Validate invoice items and data for parties before issuing.

  • Enhance the company taxation position by classifying it as a Low-Risk profile company

  • Facilitate inter-company settlement procedures for VAT

  • Updates and improves invoices exchanging methods between companies

  • Facilitate CPA review for preparing financial statement

  • Help company to make reports and quick accurate analysis for the purpose of decision-making support

  • Reduce the administrative burden, cost of transactions and the need to archive paper invoice

  • Reduce audit procedure with the possibility of remote audit

  • Facilitate Tax Refund procedure

  • Facilitate the process of preparing and filing declarations

  • Eliminate the traditional review and reconciliation procedures with companies

  • Effectively support the merge of Informal Economy, and control increase on tax community, and achieve tax justice


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